9-13 March 2022
ANFAŞ Expo and Convention Center


We have not been able to organize the planned 2019 KOMATEK event due to extraordinary developments and had to postpone it to 9-13 March 2022. It is almost four years, now, and the Construction Machinery sector in Turkey and the geographic hinterland are awaiting for the warm environment that KOMATEK events have been bringing to our business for 31 years.


As the construction season begins in March/April in the northern hemisphere, the users of construction machinery move in to the construction sites and get busy. This years KOMATEK (9-13 March 2022) will give the site operations staff to come and see the new machinery and technical developments slightly after the sites are open.


KOMATEK events have been eagerly followed and extensively attended for years and this years event will be the first international event of 2021 and the first European event after the pandemic. Organising the event in Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey, will bring more international visitors to KOMATEK.


Good Season, Good Infrastructure

We planned to achive some advantages by organizing our Exhibition this year in Antalya. First of all we present the opportunity to determine the machine requirements, to see new machines and technologies, and to meet all kinds of needs for the time, as well as the future. Our Exhibition, which has been held in April-May for years due to weather conditions, has the opportunity to host the sector at Antalya's nice weather. Climate-wise; weather statistics (between 1930-2020) for the month of March in Antalya are given as Average Temperature 12.9 °C / Average Highest Temperature 18.0 °C / Average Rainy Days 10.0 by the Turkish State Meteorological Service, confirming the advantage of the chosen time-frame.

Proximity to Historical and Touristic Places

Antalya, with its historical monuments and beauty of our city together with our cultural wealth is seen as the nature and tourism capital of Turkey. Approximately having 2 million 330 thousand population Antalya is Turkey's 5th largest city. Having a favorable geographical structure and suitable climate conditions in four seasons, Antalya has a lively city life for 24 hours by offering tourism opportunities all year round. Initiated in 2000 BC the city has been the cradle of many civilizations, finally, from Seljuks to the Ottoman Empire and it remained finally to the Republic of Turkey. Antalya, the national park; it is the pearl of the Mediterranean with its beaches, rich historical ruins, nature and indoor sports, tourism centers, business centers and award-winning marina. Antalya; agriculture, especially tourism, logistics, with operations in many areas, including industrial and service sectors is also contributing to the development of Turkey's economy. Each year Antalya, which hosts over 10 million tourists on average, meets approximately 25% of Turkey's tourism.

Please reach our official travel agency Alabanda Tourism in order to reach the advantages provided on your travel & accomodation.


Everyone should be assured that all precausions will be taken and measures applied to safely attend and visit KOMATEK 2022.

We are determined to implement the pandemic measures brought by our Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade, which are thought out to the finest detail.

The measures cover not only visitors but also exhibitors and professionals who will set up the stands.

We recommend that our international visitors learn the requisites demanded by Turkish authorities to travel to Turkey, from our authorized travel agency Alabanda Turizm.

The general rules that the visitors must obey in this regard can be summarized as ;
  • Wearing a mask,
  • Social Distancing,
  • Following the hygiene rules,
  • Participation by taking the HES code. (For Turkish citizens)


KOMATEK2022 and RENT IT Turkey exhibitions will be held in ANFAS Antalya Expo and Convention Center.

ANFAS Exhibition Area (AEC), is a modern venue with well-equipped infrastructure providing 30 000 m² net open area plus 30 000 m² net indoor area. The fact that ANFAS is 3 km from Antalya Airport, 15 km from the city center, 17 km from Antalya Bus Station and located on the main artery of the city entrance provides great advantages in terms of access to the fair.


KOMATEK2017 15th International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Exhibition was successfully held during 3-7 May 2017 in Ankara Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) area No.1.

In our exhibition, which took place in a net stand area of 52,000 m2, including 46,000 m2 outdoor area and 6,000 m2 indoor area, a total of 33,734 visitors, of which 1,557 were foreigners, had the opportunity to examine the products presented during the 5-day exhibition.

Our exhibition provided the promotion of the products and services of our 369 exhibitors, 113 of them foreign, coming from 22 countries in total.

m2 Indoor Area
m2 Outdoor Area


Both our KOMATEK 2022 and RENT IT 2022 exhibitions are supported by the strongest associations, institutions and organizations of our industry. Our Primary Supporter the leading association of our industry İMDER Türkiye Construction Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers Association, formed by companies controlling over 90% of the trade volume, is a union with a wide range of activities not only within the country but also internationally.

Founded in 2002 to represent the construction machinery sector in Turkey, Türkiye Construction Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association (İMDER), holds 97 percent of the industry under its roof. Since its inception, the growth of Turkey's economy, directly and indirectly İMDER's members provide an important contribution, showing the success exporting to 133 countries. Representing Turkey, which is the 7th largest construction equipment market in Europe and the 11th largest in the world, in all organizations related to the sector, İMDER continues its activities effectively and strongly in national and international platforms.

İMDER; With its international partners covering a wide geography from India to China, Japan to America, Brazil to Europe, Indonesia to Africa and Korea, it works to add value to the Turkish construction equipment sector and its members.

İMDER's structure, which is one of limited organizations authorized to use the name Türkiye, grows even stronger with the participation of new members each year.


İSDER Materials Handling, Storage & Industrial Equipment Association of Türkiye has also become one of the primary supporters of our exhibition.



MAKFED (Federation of Machinery Manufacturing Associations), which is formed by 23 industrialists and manufacturers associations, and MIB (Machinery Manufacturers Association), which has nearly 200 companies manufacturing machinery and equipment, together with other sectoral associations such as;

OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, İŞİM (Construction and Construction Machinery Cluster), ARÜSDER (Vehicle and On-Vehicle Equipment and Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association), PLATFORMDER (Personnel Lift Platform Operator Manufacturers and Distributors Association), AKT (Heavy Load Lifting and Transporters Association) are also supporting our activities this year.


Our exhibition attracted a close attention and support from the city of Antalya, as a result of the visits made; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Muratpaşa Municipality, Kepez Municipality, Konyaaltı Municipality, Aksu Municipality, Finike Municipality, Elmalı Municipality, Kumluca Municipality expressed their interest and support for the exhibition and also stated that they will make all kinds of contributions in terms of promotion and visits.

Other organizations that stated that they would support are; Mediterranean Municipalities Union, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, Antalya Business People Association, Adalya Foundation, Erzurum Municipality, Eastern Anatolia Municipalities Union, Mediterranean Journalists Federation and Antalya Journalists Association.


Both our KOMATEK2022 and Rent It Turkey exhibitions are supported by our Ministry of Trade as well as KOSGEB.
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