9-13 March 2022
ANFAŞ Expo and Convention Center



Rent It Turkey Rent It Turkey The world has been practicing it for years but we have just started. What is Industrial Rental? Will it evolve into a permanent sub-sector?

Industrial Rental is the supply of all machinery, equipment and others through renting in factories, industrial facilities (excluding main-line production machinery) and construction sites. Thus it includes all sorts of construction machinery, equipment, cranes, platforms, stacking machines, road-building machinery, concrete and asphalt machinery, scaffolding, moulds, generators, compressors, site equipment and tools. Depending on the imagination of the rental companies and the needs of the sector, it's definiton will expand to include all sorts of renting; from workforce to office equipment. Independently developed sectors like vehicle rental, facility rental and the like are outside the Industrial Rental's coverage. Industrial Rental is, by definition, a service sector. Regardless of the fact that machinery and equipment are rented, the company is providing a rental service.

Industrial Rental activities has been going on in the world for quite some time as a sub-sector and it has developed an important trade capacity wihtin the construction machinery and equipment sector. For example the sales made to renting companies has reached 50%-55% of total yearly sales regarding new machinery in USA. That figure is 40%-45% in Europe where its over 70% in Great Britain, 20%-25% in China and 15%-20% in India's market where there is cheap labor.

Eventhough it is observed as a new development in our country, in actual fact, it has been utilized in the contracting sector for some time as a basic idea. Sub-contracting is a widely used vehicle by Turkish contractors who has successfully completed quite some international projects. Besides, some Turkish companies has sprung in the global market and successfully leading the sector. Eventhough it was not possible to measure these companies' purchasing share in the new machinery market, it is accepted that it is not up to the world standards. It can be expected that industrial renting sector in the country will catch-up with the global figures since world norms are closely followed in the construction machinery and equipment. So if such a development will be realized; who will be affected by this sector, who should follow this closely?

Contractors, sub-contractors, factory management sections, machinery and equipment suppliers, public sector users (municipalities, State Supply Office - DMO, Armed Forces, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works - DSİ, General Directorate of Highways, others), public law makers (Ministry of Industry and Technology), financial institutions and others. Among them contractors, factory management sections and public users are the customers of the sector. Machinery and equipment suppliers have a specific status. On one hand, it will be inevitable that some companies will want to operate as a lessor while on the other hand providing machinery to leasing companies. In this context, many of our companies both in the restructuring and new formations show the desire to be in the rental sector. Likewise, a future restructuring can be envisaged for subcontractors. Subcontractors, which are customers for machinery and equipment suppliers, will soon become customers as rental companies. In other words, it is possible that there will be global rental companies among these companies. The Industrial Rental sector promises a significant change in the construction and construction machinery sector, considering all possible changes. We desire Rent It Turkey Exhibition to be a market place which brought together all stakeholders. By bringing all of the above-mentioned stakeholders together, we wish to raise awareness and contribute to the development of this sector and so we are organizing Rent It Turkey Exhibition in ANFAŞ Antalya Exhibition and Convention Center during 9-13 March 2022. We wish to create an environment in which the public interest will be more intense, that they will establish relationships with suppliers by recognizing rental companies, and that the definition of rental for customers will be better understood, requirements will be determined and leasing works will be determined as an alternative.

We organized the first VİPP Cranes, Specialized Transport, Material Handling, Access Equipment Trade Exhibition in 2018 with supports of İSDER, PLATFORMDER and VİNÇDER, which has been the starting point of our Rent It Turkey Exhibition. It seems inevitable that our Exhibition, which is registered under the same name and definition in terms of public supports and international definitions, will eventually evolve into a rental exhibition, just like the sector itself. In 2022, we aim to achieve an organization worthy of the sector by reaching the desired scope and interest with the support and contributions of İMDER. Rent It Turkey will literally be a market place with rental companies being participants and main point, suppliers, second-hand machinery vendors being exhibitors, contractors, subcontractors, public users, municipalities, industrial plants and all kinds of people who receive services of this sector as visitors. All details about the event can be reached from our website.

If you are part of the sector, be a part of the MARKET as well!

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