9-13 March 2022
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Full support from Antalya's managers to KOMATEK Exhibition

IMDER, ANTIAD and SADA Inc. organized important visits to public and private sector organizations in Antalya prior to KOMATEK 2021 Exhibition to be held in Antalya Anfaş Expo and Convention Center during 2-6 June 2021.

Türkiye Construction Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers Association (İMDER) Vice Chairman Adnan Keskin, Secretary General Oğuz Yusuf Yiğit, Antalya Business People Association Vice President Bilal Köleoğlu, SADA Trade Exhibitions Inc.'s Chairman of the Board Levent Baykal, and KOMATEK Project Manager Çetin Sarıaltın made these visits in order to promote KOMATEK 2021.

Important visits

During these visits the delegation conveyed information to the authorities about KOMATEK Exhibitions, presented the details of the event, and informed them about the construction and construction machinery sector. The delegation also requested the support of local authorities and business circles for the promotion and visiting of the Exhibition. Visits were made to;
  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mehmet Hacıarifoğlu,
  • Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal,
  • Konyaaltı Mayor Semih Esen,
  • Mediterranean Municipalities Union and Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü,
  • Elmalı Mayor Halil Öztürk,
  • Kumluca Mayor Mustafa Köleoğlu,
  • Mayor of Kemer Necati Topaloğlu,
  • Finike Mayor Mustafa Geyikçi,
  • Aksu Mayor Halil Şahin,
  • Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Ali Bahar,
  • Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Davut Çetin,
  • Mediterranean Journalists Federation and Antalya Journalists Association President Mevlüt Yeni,
  • Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association President Adlıhan Dere,
  • Antalya Business People Association President Ferhat Yıldız,
  • Erzurum Municipality and Eastern Anatolia Municipalities Union General Secretary Ali Rıza Kiremitçi and
  • Antalya Press Association Manager Alaattin Özuzun.
Antalyalı yöneticilerden KOMATEK Fuarı’na tam destek

Antalyalı yöneticilerden KOMATEK Fuarı’na tam destek

Antalyalı yöneticilerden KOMATEK Fuarı’na tam destek
As a result of these meetings the delegation received support from all 16 executives who made statements about informing and instructing their executives, relevant personnel and members in their own institutions to attend the event and also the free use of promotional tools in their regions for the exhibition's promotional purposes. Additionally a consensus was reached on the contribution of the Exhibition to Antalya. During the visit, Mediterranean Municipalities Union and Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü promised that 75 municipalities covered by the union would be informed in the same way and make efforts to participate in the event. Erzurum Municipality and the General Secretary of the Eastern Anatolia Municipalities Union, Mr. Ali Rıza Kiremitçi stated that the association, which has 34 members, will inform their members about the Exhibition and will encourage them to visit the Exhibition. Furthermore full supports and visiting promises of; Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, Antalya Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Antalya Journalists Federation and Association were obtained to the KOMATEK 2021 Exhibition.
Antalyalı yöneticilerden KOMATEK Fuarı’na tam destek
Antalyalı yöneticilerden KOMATEK Fuarı’na tam destek

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